How much does Swytch cost?

For a full details please visit our Pricing page.

Using Swytch has two separate costs. All costs are centrally billed to the card allocated on the Swytch account - users are not billed directly for any usage, everything is paid for by the company/admin.

  1. Number subscription - £5+VAT per month per number - this is to keep Swytch number hosted in the cloud and allows you to access it from any connected device anywhere in the world.
  2. Call and SMS charges - when outbound calls or texts are made via a Swytch number there is a charge per minute or per text which depend on the destination. Outbound calls and texts are charged at the same local rate no matter where you are based in the world, Swytch does not charge additional international charges. Please check our rates to a specific destination by going to our Pricing page where you can enter any number and see the cost to call or text it from Swytch.

Inbound communications are always free to receive wherever you are in the world - no roaming charges!